All You Need To Know About Flag Football Belts

Flag football is similar in most attributes to regular American football. The only difference is the replacement of tackling or contact between players with flag football belts. Specific equipment is a part of every sport, and flag belts are the primary ones in flag football.

The belt is not a protective tool. It is equipment that is a part of the game and needed for the sport to proceed further. It is an obligation for all players in the game to wear a belt. If you are new to this game and don’t know much about the flag belts, keep reading for all the details.

What Is A Flag Football Belt?

A flag belt is an essential accessory that all flag football players must wear. A few flags hang around the players as they put on the belts. If the other team members pull off the flag from the belt, the game stops.

The flags are made of thin and light fabric. Each player has to wear the flag belt irrespective of their position in the team. The player can adjust the belt to fit their waist. The flags and the belt work to rule out a player from the game. If an opponent can pull off the flag or the whole belt from a player who has the ball, the game stops, and that player is disqualified.

NFL officially provides these flag belts for all teams. The teams receive them from their coaches or their league heads.

Types Of Flag Belts

There are several different types of flag belts available in the market. They differ in structure and how they attach to the player wearing them.

One example of a flag belt is the Triple Threat belt that falls off the player entirely when even one of the flags is pulled. Another type has Velcro attachments. Some other types are also made from plastic clasps.

The official flag belts from NFL have hooks made of plastic for clasping the flag to the belt. These plastic hooks are called pop sockets. As a flag is pulled from the pop socket, it makes a loud popping sound which intimates to everyone that the game has stopped. It prevents the players from getting into fights or injuries due to tackling. The referee can easily hear the pop sound and make a decision.

What To Look For In Football Flag Belts?

If you lose or damage the belt, you can buy another one easily. But you must consider some factors before making the purchase.

The material and durability of the flag are important and should last for as many games as possible. So, make sure you are choosing a tough material.

The flag belts should be resistant to weather changes to increase their life. The flags should be removable so the game can proceed.

Some other essential considerations include the size of the flag belt, the color you want, and the cost of the equipment. Make sure to check off all points to buy an appropriate product.


There are several options in the market for buying football flag belts. However, not all are well-suited for every player and their specific circumstances. So, you must consider where you are playing and all the other factors to choose the right belt.

Moreover, make sure to buy from a trustworthy seller. Buying online can be advantageous and inexpensive but only purchase from a reliable seller. Enjoy the game!



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